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Emotion Code Practitioner 

Intuitive * Akashic Record Readings

Image by Colton Sturgeon

Emotion Code Session 45 min $75

Image by Zoltan Tasi

Intuitive Readings 

Akashic Record Reading $80/30 min $150/1 hr

Image by Ravi Pinisetti

Animal Emotion Code Sessions     30 min

 Email only $60

Locate and remove trapped emotions and identify the underlying causes of illness using the Emotion Code so you can address your health issues — and heal inherited trauma patterns in your family lineage — to live a happier, more abundant life.

Dr. Bradley Nelson

30 or 60 min reading into what is most optimal for you for your highest good at this time. When connected with the subconscious or higher self

I am able to be a clear and open channel to only what is optimal for you to know at this time. We will travel to your Akashic Records and take a journey into a space of endless magical possibilities . What might you be intrigued to know at this time :)

Find and remove trapped emotions for our creature friends. I have seen incredible results in removing trapped emotions due to trauma in my Shar Pei George. Throughout my work I've seen amazing results in assisting our animal friends so they can come from a place of balance instead of trauma/triggers.  This is a beautiful way to be able to understand your animal friends emotions and work through their trauma

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